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Construction Crew Santa Clara Construction & Engineering, Inc. is a complete engineering firm serving the entire Bay Area.

Santa Clara Construction & Engineering, Inc. believes in being a dependable, client-focused, professional engineering firm. We offer our services to Public Agencies, Individual Home Owners, General Contractors, Home Owner Associations, Commercial Investors, Real Estate Developers and Property Management Agencies.

Santa Clara Construction & Engineering, Inc. was founded by Jaime Guerra. Mr. Guerra has over 10 years experience in the Construction & Engineering Industry. Mr. Guerra earned his BS in Civil Engineering from Cal Poly, and has a Masters in Engineering from Santa Clara University. What sets Mr. Guerra apart from the Competition is not his academic achievement, but rather his hands-on experience with a variety of different projects, "From Conception to Completion".

Santa Clara Construction & Engineering, Inc. has a large and diverse staff which holds true to the integrity of Santa Clara Construction & Engineering beliefs. Our staff is highly trained and experienced in working with a variety of clients with multi-faceted projects. We are always striving for Client Satisfaction, and won't accept anything less.

Santa Clara Construction & Engineering, Inc. is a State Licensed Contractor which was founded on the principles of providing the best possible services to our clients. We can offer you a highly professional experience with your project. Whether you are a large organization, small contractor or a home owner, we offer you a wonderful experience.

Santa Clara Construction & Engineering, Inc.’s clients include Fed Ex Freight, City of San Jose, Fremont School District, County of Santa Clara, BC Homes, CalStone Construction, TARC Construction, GS Management and the City of Palo Alto.

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